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Seat Scienze
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 4
Hours 00
Period Corso annuale
Language ENG
U-gov code 3S007


Students enrolled on the first year of the degree course must take an English Language Placement Test, organized by the University Language Centre (CSAL). This will be held at the start of the academic year and is useful for assessing the students’ current level of English. Any students who get a low score must follow an elementary level self- study course (English Express) using the software in the CSAL self-study centre in order to reach the minimum level (CEFR A2+/B1) needed to be able to follow the English language lessons which will be held in the second semester.

Development of the course

Face to face classroom lessons organized by the CSAL (Dr. Elena Delfina Agnelli and Dr. Michael Lacey-Freeman). The English course is part of the first year syllabus and the lessons are held in the second semester. They aim to improve the students’ English language skills regarding grammar and vocabulary, listening, speaking and pronunciation, bringing the students to an intermediate level of knowledge (B1+).

Learning outcomes

The students will learn the language skills that enable them to understand the general meaning of various types of written texts and to recognize the significant points in both general and scientific documents in the English language. 

Ability to apply the knowledge:
The students must be able to understand the general meaning and specific information when listening to a variety of audio materials and must be able to express their understanding in spoken English.


Contents (F2F lessons, 4 CFU, 50 hours)
Units 1 -12 of the coursebook

Development of the examination

Methods for assessing learning outcomes:
The students’ knowledge will be tested via a computer-based test and an oral examination.

Criteria for assessing learning outcomes: 
The computer-based test has 5 sections: Listening (6 questions); Pronunciation (5 questions); Grammar (15 questions);, Reading (4 questions); Gap-fill (10 gaps). The questions are all Multiple choice or True/False. The maximum set time for the test is 1 hour 10 minutes.
During the oral examination the students will be asked to hold a short conversation concerning their chosen university studies. They will also be expected to read a short scientific text in English and translate it into Italian.

Criteria for measuring learning outcomes:
The final score is a result out of 30, with 18/30 being the minimum pass mark. The maximum score of 30/30 may be given with honours (“cum laude”).

Criteria for conferring final mark:
The final score is calculated by adding together the score for the computer-based test and the oral examination. Honours (“cum laude”) will be given when the final calculated score is greater than 30/30 and the student has proved to be fully competent in the subject.

Recommended reading

Coursebook: Life - Intermediate B1+ by Helen Stephenson, Paul Dummett and John Hughes, National Geographic Learning, CENGAGE.
Study pack with student’s book with DVD, workbook with Audio CD 
ISBN code: 9788853614780 
Grammar: Essential Grammar in Use by Raymond Murphy (Italian Edition with key), Cambridge University Press. 
Bilingual Dictionary (e.g. Zanichelli or Hoepli) and English Dictionary (e.g. Macmillan English Dictionary, Collins COBUILD Dictionary, Longman Active Study Dictionary, Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary or similar with CD-ROM)
All these materials are available for consultation in the CSAL self-study centre and additional materials can be found on the UNIVPM Moodle platform.

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