Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita e dell'Ambiente - Guida degli insegnamenti (Syllabus)


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Seat Scienze
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 6
Hours 48
Period 2^ semestre
Language ENG
U-gov code ST03 60248


The course does not require any special requirements

Learning outcomes

The student will learn the basics of the relationship between territory and economic and social development. The course illustrates how social science has gradually moved from a mechanistic and reductionist approach to an evolutionary one. With reference to the Italian case and in particular of the Marches one, the course analyzes the peculiar evolutionary process since the World War II until today. It focuses in general on the localization of economic activities and social and sustainable development.


1. Introduction to the economy of the territory;
2. The localization of economic activities;
3. Localization and functions of the city;
4. Traditional theories of regional development;
5. The originality of the Italian case;
6. Modern theories of regional development;
7. Rural areas and local development

Development of the examination

Written with two tests: one with open and the second with closed answers

Recommended reading

Aurelio Bruzzo, Analisi economica del territorio. Letture sulla scienza economica regionale, Edizione 3: ISBN 978-88-548-8098-6, Aracne editrice, Roma, Capitoli da 1 a 9

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