Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita e dell'Ambiente - Guida degli insegnamenti (Syllabus)


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Seat Scienze
A.A. 2016/2017
Credits 6
Hours 48
Period 2^ semestre
Language ENG
U-gov code SM03 5S246


Good knowledge of the basics of science subjects, even at the high school level, to manage the issues of the course.

Development of the course

The course normally will carry out in the classic “Front Mode”.
During the course will be planed a shared visits to the VVF principals, commercial activities and/or productive where are installed Fire protection systems, and if is possible to visit Ascoli’s earthquake zone, to study issues of security building.

Learning outcomes

The course will provide a special sensitivity on issues relatively to security and to acquire sensitivity as people and as future professionals.

Ability to apply the knowledge
The student will propose simple example applications on some of the topics processed in the course.

Soft skills
You will do the synthetic surveys on economic advisability of investing in security, assuming data of its cost, the insurance relief, in parallel, the issues that avoids.


The schedule is based on four main themes:
- Fundamental objectives of fire prevention;
- Technology of materials and structures for passive protection;
- Systems technology and systems for active protection;
- Fire Risk Analysis;
- Fire safety engineering and exercises.
The course during the year may change, in a shared manner in dependence of certain variables, always respecting the educational structure.

During the course we will schedule some tours.

Development of the examination

Methods for assessing learning outcomes:
The Learning assessment will be in a classic mode and it will consist in a written test and an oral.

Criteria for assessing learning outcomes:
In the written examination, students must propose synthetic and effective answers to problems of issues discussed during the lessons.

Criteria for measuring learning outcomes:
The final grade is in thirtieth. The exam is passed when the grade is greater or equal to 18. It is expected to be awarded the highest marks with honors (30 cum laude).

Criteria for conferring final mark:
The final vote will not be the sum of the votes of the two tests carried out by the student (written and oral test), but it will be the idea, as objective as possible, that the teacher will be made based on the evidence, in particular the oral test. Will not be admitted to the oral the student that in the written test reported a lower score 18.

Recommended reading

The literature on the subject is vast and varied. For the teacher does not exist books to recommend. In particular almost every subject there are several contributions on internet, also produced by the technical expert working on the territory of Fire department.
For example, one of the final activities of the course would be to produce a selected bibliography divided by topics discussed in the lessons, to benefit of future courses.

  • Sostenibilit√† ambientale e protezione civile

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